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Address. ASDIG,

Goma, Avenue Mutombo, Number 158, Route Sake, Karisimbi Commune, Quartier Mabanga South,

Province of North Kivu

Democratic Republic of Congo


Vocational Training

Empowering women by teaching them new skills such as dress making, bag weaving and cooking, to enable them to be able to earn money to support themselves and their families.

Education for Children

Teaching nursery age and school years 1, 2 and 3. These children would otherwise receive no education and have very little opportunity in working as adults. Education helps break the poverty cycle.

Gives a nutritious meal of porridge to around 200 children, once a week. For many of them ths will be the best meal they receive in the week. Many are malnurished and receive little food due to poverty and stigmatisation.

Feeding Programme

Counselling & Medical needs

Victims of rape in DRC are numerous, it affects many women & children, who are traumatised, stigmatised and left in poverty suffering malnutrition and medical problems. We help to counsel victims, and help them toreceive the medical treatments they need.